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Frequently Asked Questions

​Q: Are both full-time and part-time child care available at the centres?

A: Yes. We provide full-time care (maximum of 45 hours per week depending on parent's schedule) and flexible part-time care (full or half days on a set schedule.)


Q: Where are the centres located?

A:  All of our centres are located in Paris, Ontario.

  • Holy Family Child Care: 20 Sunset Drive, Paris, ON

  • Sacred Heart Child Care: 180 Grandville Circle, Paris, ON

  • North Ward Public School: 107 Silver Street, Paris, ON

  • Cobblestone Public School: 179 Grandville Circle, Paris, ON

  • Paris Central Public School:  7 Broadway Street E, Paris, ON

Q: How can I find out more or book a tour?

A: Please email us at  or call (519) 442-0900 or (519) 442-5850.

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